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Digital Workplace - Step 2: user experience

Simply adopting HR technologies is not enough. Usability is a crucial element of success. By leveraging technologies like self-service applications, mobile helpdesk features, or central access points, you can streamline routine HR processes while also improving the user experience for employees or other users.

    Digital experience

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      Why user experience in HR tech matters

      Improving the user experience is essential for success in today's digital workplace. By leveraging HR automation, you can achieve high technology adoption rates, empower your employees, and increase engagement. These benefits, combined with a strong return on investment, make optimizing the user experience a crucial step in building a modern HR strategy.

        4 tips to nail the usability of HR tech

        √ Keep it simple: offering only the most important, frequently accessed functions is preferable to having a mass of options available.

        √ Make it consistent: ensure that your entire HR tech stack feels familiar to your team in terms of user experience and interfaces.

        √ Aim for fewer clicks: engaging HR solutions aim for no clicks, because the information users need is right in front of them, with no need to dig for it. 

        √ Involve employees: you can only nail usability if you put your employees at centre stage and build outwards from their perspective.

          Who can benefit from an improved digital employee experience?

          Organisations that wish to look beyond processes and want to ensure that the needs of the actual users are met. Tech as an enabler, so to speak. It transforms HR from a process developer to an experience architect. This approach is especially useful if technology adaption rates are lagging.

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              Optimising the user experience: enough or not?

              While the use of transactional HR tools is strongly optimised in track 2 and employees enjoy working with them much more, you still risk missing out on other human-oriented HR tech that can support your employees in improving productivity and accelerating personal growth.

              When asked about it directly, employees indeed mention non-transactional HR areas as the ones that deserve more attention in the digital transformation of organisations.

                Employees' view on HR digitalisation

                Employees' view on HR digitalisation

                  How to optimise the digital employee experience?

                  Provide guidance in how and why to use digital apps: this implies sharing both your vision on workplace digitalisation and providing technical assistance.

                  Recognise user experience differences between generations: a smooth digital experience is not always the same for digital natives as it is for older generations.

                  Explore personalisation features to wow your employees: some HR tech providers excel in personalised solutions, which can help to increase adoption rates.

                  Prioritise mobile-friendly solutions: this is a no-brainer. If employees have trouble navigating the tech on their phone, you’ll have a hard time getting them on board.

                    Check out our 4-step guide for more tips!

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