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Digital workplace – Step 4: HR tech integration

After optimizing your HR processes, enhancing the user experience, and increasing productivity and growth, now it's time to connect your HR tech landscape. Go-to solutions include employee-experience platforms and application marketplaces to bring together relevant tools for all stakeholders, from the business to the HR department and employees.

Benefits of centralizing and integrating HR Tech

By centralizing and integrating your HR tech, you can avoid tech overload or tech fatigue among employees, while smoothing the entire employee experience. Moreover, connected digitalisation can enhance both efficiency and decision-making capabilities in your business and HR team.

    Key drivers for HR integration in Europe

    Key drivers for HR integration in Europe

      Who can benefit from smartly connecting the HR tech landscape?

      You should particularly aim to complete this stage if you have a diverse workforce to cater to. Your employees all need to work, get motivated, trained and compensated in diverse ways. A series of stand-alone apps will no longer do. The way forward is an integrated ecosystem of best-of-breed solutions.

        Connecting your HR tech landscape_Kim Van Loo SD Worx

          Aiming for a connected HR tech landscape: enough or not?

          Centralising and integrating tech just for the sake of it is never a good idea. Instead, you need to thoroughly analyse what really needs to come together. A common combo, for instance, is payroll plus time and attendance, and core HR. Or L&D plus matching skills to work, as well as facilitating internal mobility.

            Integrating HR areas in practice

            Integrating HR areas in practice

              One thing’s for sure...

              With the rise of cloud-based systems, artificial intelligence, and mobile-friendly applications, the potential for HR technology integration has never been greater. Many organisations are already jumping on the bandwagon: 45% offer their employees AI-based applications, for example.

                Tips to boost digital HR integration

                Follow up on trends and innovations regarding generative AI.

                Use tech itself to guide employees through the digitalisation journey.

                Go for providers that offer scalability and flexibility.

                Map reporting needs in cross-border initiatives.

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