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Brexit: Are you ready?

Brexit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee or employer, there is little clarity over exactly what it means. While the British Government scrambles for an outcome, organisations sit patiently, doing what they can to prepare for all eventualities. Considering that there is no certainty and a myriad of possible outcomes, it makes it extremely challenging for organisations to put plans in place. 

At SD Worx, Brexit has naturally been one of the biggest challenges for our customers. Our consultants are frequently asked for advice on how to prepare and the concerns aren’t just limited to the UK. Customers across Europe are all trying to predict the most likely outcome and create necessary contingency plans. 

    Coping with concerns

    One of the main questions we receive from customers is “who can reside and work in UK post-Brexit?”. This was a hot topic during Brexit campaigns and there will no doubt be changes. Freedom of movement will likely end which will probably result in all EU nationals requiring a permit to work in the UK, and the same will apply for UK nationals working in Europe. This causes headaches both on the employee and employer side. Despite the fact that EU citizens living in the UK will have their rights protected and vice-versa, no one knows exactly what a new immigration policy will look like. 

    This is just one of many concerns organisations are facing. And while the outcome of Brexit is still unclear, there is plenty that organisations can do to prepare and relieve the headache. That’s why SD Worx has put together a handy FAQ guide for Brexit based on questions we hear on a daily basis from our customers in UK and across Europe. The guide covers everything from how Brexit will affect non-EU citizens living and working in the UK to dealing with EU data post-Brexit. Built on insight from SD Worx’s top HR and tax & legal experts, these FAQs are the latest in a series of Brexit reports from SD Worx. 

    You can download SD Worx’s FAQ guide to Brexit here.