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The Importance of GDPR for Non-EU Based Organisations

Webinar: The Importance of GDPR for Non-EU Based Organisations

On 31st October, SD Worx is hosting an exclusive webinar, in collaboration with Ascender (also a member of the Payroll Services Alliance), to discuss the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it affects organisations outside of the EU.

The European regulation, implemented on 25th May 2018, has affected how businesses process their personal and sensitive data. However, GDPR’s reach stretches beyond just organisations located in the EU. In fact, any organisation that handles the data of EU residents must comply to GDPR. Risks of non-compliance are significant, as fines can reach €20m or 4% of annual turnover. No organisation can afford to ignore it, and some companies have already been hit with fines for non-compliance. 

For those organisations based outside the EU, the complex regulation can seem especially daunting. To shed some light on the best practice for organisations around the world, Sheila M. Fitzpatrick, Worldwide GDPR Chief Privacy Officer, Data Privacy and Sovereignty Laws at FitzPatrick & Associates, and SD Worx’s Chief Risk and Security Officer, Gert Beeckmans, will be discussing exactly how GDPR affects non-EU based organisations. Sheila and Gert will explore the ripple effect that GDPR is having globally and outline how exactly companies can embrace GDPR whilst mitigating the risk involved in global GDPR compliance.

If you’re a multinational organisation that is interested in best HR and payroll practice for GDPR compliance, join us at 8 am (GMT or 9 AM CET time) on 31st October to hear from these two industry experts as they take an in-depth look at the new privacy framework and, specifically, the how it can affect how you share your sensitive employee data with territories outside of the EU. 

Together, Gert and Sheila will cover: 

• How GDPR affects non-EU based companies
• Post-GDPR power to the individual
• International employee data transfers 
• Some practical, real-life HR cases

    The webinar slots are limited: sign up here to avoid missing out!

      SD Worx aims to give guidance and provide news on this historic legislation from an HR and Payroll stand point which will impact businesses across the globe. For more information please visit our GDPR Page or, please email WeAreGlobal@sdworx.com.