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A Guide from Ground to Cloud

A Guide from Ground to Cloud: Empowering HR Transformation with SD Worx SAP Solutions

The ever-evolving payroll landscape offers a multitude of options, including cloud-based solutions, automated software and managed services providers. Enterprise software giant SAP has itself transitioned from a cloud-first to a cloud-only strategy, signalling the sunset of its mainstream maintenance for on-premise solutions in 2027.

This shift presents an opportunity for  organisations to explore SAP SuccessFactors, a mature cloud-based solution that digitises payroll systems and futureproofs business processes. Follow along as we consider the benefits and advantages of moving payroll to the cloud with SD Worx SAP solutions.

    Why consider a payroll transformation strategy?

    88% of global organisations have a global payroll strategy or plan to develop one.

    Understanding the context is key for a successful payroll transformation strategy. By complementing and building on existing core HRIS and key business initiatives, organisations can achieve substantial operational enhancements, time and cost savings and improved transparency and accountability. 

    A payroll transformation strategy should enable greater flexibility and agility in payroll processes, granting access to real-time data and insights. This empowers HR leaders to make data-informed decisions while enhancing the overall employee experience. With SAP SuccessFactors as a cloud-based option, organisations can re-evaluate their payroll management systems and find a path to success that’s right for them.

      High-Level Payroll Transformation Strategy (example): a balance of elements that deliver the vision

      Business Drivers

      •     Compliance
      •     Customer service
      •     Cost-effectiveness
      •     Employee experience 
      •     Agility and capability to support growth in new and existing locations 
      •     Legislative and controls compliance 
      •     Allows focus on core business 
      •     Cost savings when reducing the number of vendors and tools



      • Process owner 
      • Regional and country points of accountability 
      • Utilise vendor expertise and build vendor and process management capability


      Process/ Service Delivery Model

      • Standardised and scalable model 
      • Minimise the number of vendors 
      • Clear ownership of, and adherence to, process elements 
      • Access to appropriate expertise



      • Cloud-based technology 
      • Minimise the number of systems used 
      • Automate data transfers where possible 
      • Validation and audit controls built into systems 
      • Enabler for clear reporting targeted to drive intervention at the right level


        Introducing SD Worx Payroll for SAP Cloud

        SD Worx Payroll for SAP Cloud is an enterprise-level payroll service powered by SAP PMC Employee Central Payroll (ECP). It’s a solution we developed to ensure both global and local payroll compliance through a tailored suite of governance that meets each organisation's unique needs.

        SD Worx Payroll for SAP Cloud offers features such as built-in payroll tax calculations, employee profile management, comprehensive reporting capabilities and secure HRIS data management. With extensive experience as a full HR and payroll provider in Europe, we’re proud to offer long-standing expertise on both a Europe-wide and country-specific level, ensuring you can rely on security and compliance at the heart of our services.

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            Key Advantages of SD Worx Payroll for SAP Cloud

            1. Improves processing efficiencies: SD Worx enables full control over individual exceptions, increases the speed of payroll execution and provides real-time access to employee records.
              Through Payroll Control Center (PCC) and automation solutions, SD Worx ensures data accuracy, reduces compliance risks and simplifies employee and vendor management.
            2. Delivers a consistent user experience: Encourages trust and enhances user satisfaction. With enhanced flexibility, SD Worx streamlines processes such as payroll workflows, KPIs, and error detection.
            3. Reduces compliance risk of GDPR and SOX while complying with ever-changing labour laws. SD Worx helps you accurately complete every payroll calculation.
            4. Simplifies employee management, as well as contract and vendor management. SD Worx also improves your purchasing power while lowering the total cost of ownership.

            SD Worx offers extensive experience in implementing and integrating Employee Central Payroll. We provide SAP-certified integration for seamless connectivity between third-party outsourced payroll and Employee Central Payroll. Our platform also offers advanced analytics and comprehensive reporting capabilities for enhanced visibility into payroll operations.

            SD Worx provides flexible and scalable managed payroll services tailored for the European market. By prioritising data privacy and security, we ensure accurate taxation calculations, and compliance with local and international employment laws. Additionally, the solution supports multi-currency capability and accommodates fast-growing payroll requirements.

              How does it work?

              SD Worx ensures accuracy, scalability, and compliance with local employment laws, no matter where your business operates. Our flexible solution is ideal for enterprise firms, operating in multiple countries because we make it easier than ever before to manage global payroll processes efficiently.

                Convenience from day one

                Streamline your processes with our all-in-one solution, which is fully customisable to your every need. Simplify your payroll for different countries under one contract, SLA, and governance together in one convenient portal, SD Worx MyServicePoint.

                  Helping the whole business thrive:

                  We understand the importance of payroll integration for your business. No matter the HRIS, you can easily integrate your Talent and Core HR with our one-stop-shop of payroll integration solutions and integration tools, all owned by us. We can integrate all HRIS systems with either SAP EC payroll or SD Worx payroll, depending on your specific needs.

                    SD Worx customers can benefit from the same quality support for their smaller operations in Europe with less than 2,500 employees through SAP Cloud. Partner with local payroll specialists who provide integrated payroll solutions, connected through SD Flows gateway.
                    Jeroen Wielens, Global Product Manager SAP Payroll

                    SD Worx features, Differentiators and Advantages

                    SAP’s Payroll Control Center (PCC)

                    SAP’s PCC is a centralised tool that allows for streamlined and efficient payroll processing within an organisation. It also ensures better data accuracy. With client-specific payroll Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and client-specific error handling, payroll errors are efficiently assigned to the payroll team, with checks and balances in place. 

                    Even better, you can use PCC no matter which HRIS system you have. If you are using SAP SuccessFactors, then you’ll access it through this platform. However, if you are using an alternative HRIS system (i.e Workday, Oracle etc) you will access it through the Fiori platform – which provides the same user experience. 

                    Plus, HR data changes can be made at the source during payroll runs, so information is always up to date. By automating payroll tasks with a dedicated payroll automation solution from SuccessFactors, you can benefit from both increased efficiency and cost savings in such ways.


                    Optimised migration with SD Worx

                    SD Worx's optimised migration service facilitates the transfer of existing payroll configurations and data from on-premise systems to the SAP cloud. By utilising the Nexus tool for data and payroll configuration migration, we ensure accuracy and security throughout the migration process. 

                    The duration of the migration project can range from  3-6 months, depending on the size and complexity of the payroll configuration. Our experienced team are experts in ensuring a smooth transition that minimises disruption or loss of information.

                    “Cloud migrations can be complex and require careful preparation, but there are extensive gains from moving payroll processing to the cloud. No project is the same and there is no one-size fits-all solution, however our depth of experience in successfully migrating customers allows us to predict a range in duration between 3-6 months, depending on the size and complexity of the payroll configuration being moved.” - Jeroen Wielens, Global Product Manager SAP payroll


                    Partnering with SD Worx

                    As a leading provider of cloud-based digital HR and talent management solutions on SAP SuccessFactors, SD Worx is committed to transforming businesses' operations. With a comprehensive suite of tools and services, we help organisations improve efficiency, productivity, compliance and user experience. 

                    As an SAP Gold Partner, our certified consultants bring extensive experience in implementing SAP SuccessFactors solutions for large enterprises. By partnering with SD Worx, you can seamlessly move your payroll to the cloud and future-proof your whole HR ecosystem.

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