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Talent management

What’s your organisation’s most important capital? Exactly, talent. So, the importance of guiding your (future) employees into becoming the best versions of themselves can’t be stressed enough. Browse our resources to find ways to make a difference during the entire employee lifecycle.

Talent Management
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Work is the basis of everything

Interview with Lieve Blancquaert on the meaning of work and the power of Europe 

We are Europe. It could just be SD Worx's new slogan, given its ambition to be the leading European HR player. But it is the title of Lieve Blancquaert's new exhibition, in which the Belgian photographer takes us on a trip across Europe. A book about it will be published under the same name and from 5 March a documentary series will run on VRT Canvas. It is about Europe, people and importance of working together. With the content’s focus, SD Worx saw a project with an important social value and got on board. It will use some images from “We are Europe” in its Navigator reports based on its own European research on payroll and HR. Lieve Blancquaert came for coffee in the Ghent SD Worx office, close to where she lives to explain more about the content’s meaning and story.

By Pieter Goetgebuer3/4/2024

Flexibility: A Must-Have for Gen Z?

SD Worx HR Evangelist Jan Laurijssen sits down with flexible work expert Isabel De Clercq to discuss: is flexible working a must-have for Gen Z employees?


4 ways to enhance your talent strategy with the help of HR tech

Find out how HR technology can transform your talent management strategy, and get advice on choosing the right solutions for your business needs.

By Azra Ahmed12/21/2023

Optimising talent mapping with HR Tech & AI

In the final episode of our talent management podcast, HR experts discuss how to enhance talent strategy with HR tech & AI while keeping a human touch.

5 ways to make talent strategy more transparent

5 ways to make talent management more transparent

Successful talent management relies on transparency. Discover 5 ways to make talent strategy more transparent that you can try today.

By Azra Ahmed12/13/2023

Nurturing a culture of talent supply-and-demand

In Ep 4 of our talent management podcast, HR experts discuss how to nurture a pipeline of talent supply and demand, both internally and externally. 


5 HR trends to watch out for in 2024

Wondering what's next in the world of work? We asked our experts how they predict HR trends will evolve in 2024. Check out their top 5 recommendations.

By Azra Ahmed12/4/2023

How to turn talent into an ecosystem?

HR experts discuss how to turn talent into an ecosystem and why this strengthens your business in our new talent management podcast: listen now.


Building a talent ecosystem: 3 dos and don'ts

Building a talent management ecosystem sounds like an ambitious project at first, perhaps even a major challenge. But in fact, all it requires is a shift in thinking. When HR managers recognise how truly interconnected all talent management processes are, and strategically align them instead of keeping them in silos, then a talent ecosystem naturally starts to bloom.

By Azra Ahmed11/24/2023

5 must-haves for building a skills-based workplace

Find out why a skills-based workplace is the future, and how to overcome the challenges created by traditional jobs. Our 5 expert tips will get you started.

By Azra Ahmed11/13/2023

How to shift away from outdated talent management structures?

Are traditional job structures limiting business growth? HR experts discuss building a skills-based organisation in our new talent management podcast.

Career empowerment

How to install a culture of career empowerment?

SD Worx HR Evangelist Jan Laurijssen sits down with Prof. Ans de Vos of Antwerp Management School to discuss empowering employees on their career journey.