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Transform your talent strategy

Our latest research sheds new light on talent management in action across Europe. According to the data, talent strategy can mean something different to every stakeholder group, from the C-suite to new employees. So how can HR teams align all priorities and meet everyone's needs? In our new report, we identify 5 key talent challenges to solve. 

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5 ways to meet business, HR & people needs

How to put employees in the driving seat of their own career.

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How to shift away from outdated talent management structures.

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How to centralise talent operations in a user-friendly way.

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How to develop a culture of talent supply-and-demand.

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How to leverage HR tech & AI for better talent mapping.

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About the research

Over 16,000 employees and nearly 5,000 HR directors from 16 European countries participated in the study, conducted over Spring 2023.

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