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Central, secure HR document management

HR is a document-heavy business activity – and the volume of contracts, statements, payslips, performance reviews, policies and other important files is only increasing. Offer workers and managers access to these diverse information sources in a secure, easy-to-navigate way and bid farewell to the traditional chaos of HR document management.

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Centralised HR files

SD Worx tooling makes it a simple and efficient process to centralise and access all HR and employee documents in a role-based way and easily maintain and distribute files – 24/7, via any device.

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    Paperless HR workflows

    Create, share, verify and even sign important documents digitally – and manage them all without ever pressing ‘Print’ with our end-to-end paperless workflows.

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      Built-in privacy, security and compliance

      Proactively comply with compliance and legal requirements and make audits easier than ever – in every country where you are active – while ensuring full data privacy and security

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        Seamless integration across your HR ecosystem

        Link up every document - generating HR process and ensure seamless, automatic synchronisation with cloud-based file storage.

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