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Talent management

What’s your organisation’s most important capital? Exactly, talent. So, the importance of guiding your (future) employees into becoming the best versions of themselves can’t be stressed enough. Browse our resources to find ways to make a difference during the entire employee lifecycle.

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Show your employees what they really earn

Offering an interesting and competitive pay package, but not highlighting it afterwards, is a bit like a rainbow in the dark. As not even half of employees regularly look at their payslip, many will undoubtedly lose sight of what they actually earn.


It’s now or never: transforming HR into a strategic partner

Over the last decade, we have been witnessing a shift in HR – and the current pandemic crisis is accelerating the trends. With issues and topics more polarising with every passing day, it is HR professionals that will be in the spotlight – now more than ever. Grasp this opportunity to embrace HR’s role as strategic partner and play an essential part in becoming an organisation of the future


Total talent management: preparing for constant change

What will 2021 bring? After such a turbulent year, it would be audacious to start making big statements. But one thing seems to be a given: ‘the old normal’ is not coming back.


How to turn your workspace into an employee experience centre

COVID-19 has a great impact on employees, with mass homeworking as one of the most remarkable outcomes. Many companies are pulling out all the stops to establish viable homeworking policies, implement digital tools and create a renewed organisational culture.

HR In Today’s Fluid Environment_ More Like Poker Than Chess

HR In Today’s Fluid Environment: More Like Poker Than Chess

According to Professor Joe Perfetti from the University of Maryland, “The keyword for the 20th century was ‘speed’; the keyword for the 21st century is ‘agility’. And then COVID emerged to shake the business world up beyond our wildest imaginings. What does that does that mean for companies – and their HR teams?


Remote working challenges – and how to overcome them

As the adage goes, “the clever learn from their mistakes, but the truly wise learn from the mistakes of others”. With remote working here to stay in a post COVID-19 world, offering great experiences to remote workers is the key to high engagement, effortless collaboration and – in the end – higher performance. Familiarise yourself with the fails and learn how to win with remote working.


HR insights: bridging the language gap in international employment

Managing an international workforce involves various specialist tasks, such as declaring taxes to foreign administrations, monitoring complex labour laws and elaborating attractive reward systems. That’s why most companies outcource these error-prone tasks. Both local and global HR providers can make a big difference, but remember to make well-considered choices. If you’re looking to truly bridge literal and figurative language gaps, a global partner with vast local expertise is your go-to option. Here’s why.


Shaping HR strategy in growing businesses: 3 trends

Europe is home to millions of expanding businesses, which play an increasingly vital role in job creation, economic growth and innovative power. They have a lot to gain in the digital era – as long as their HR strategies keep pace with the dynamic needs of their employees. Explore three powerful HR trends that are poised to impact your international company, and learn how to tackle them.


How corona-proof is your HR? Benefit from 4 best practices and take the test

While governments around the world pull out all the stops to slow the spread of the coronavirus, businesses – both big and small – continue to look for the best way to emerge from the crisis with their heads held high. Obviously, HR departments play a key role in fulfilling this aspiration.