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Make an impact on the entire employee lifecycle

HR solutions throughout employee lifecycle

To get a seat at the table, HR needs to show its strategic value – it’s as simple as that. Our customised and customisable people solutions allow you to do exactly that, whether you go for payroll, rewards or core HR. The same goes for talent acquisition, talent development and talent management. In short, we help you light the spark.

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HR solutions throughout employee lifecycle
Flexible payroll solutions and attractive award policy

Staffing & Recruitment

Get access to permanent and temporary employees with in-demand skills.

While the added value of attracting and engaging top talent speaks for itself, many companies still struggle to hit the right notes. If that’s the case, we assist with hassle-free staffing solutions for both temporary and project-based employees. Rather hire permanent employees? Our distinct helplines, from employer branding to recruitment software, will point you in the right direction.

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Integrated, scalable core HR solutions

Core HR

Optimize and streamline your HR operations.

Getting grey hair from inefficient absence, expense, document or data management? You’re not the only one. That’s why we’ve developed core HR solutions to make both HR’s and your employees’ lives easier. Think employee self-service tools, think top-notch HR software, think guaranteed compliance. With SD Worx People, your local or international core HR will drive your team’s strategic value.

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Flexible payroll solutions and attractive award policy

Payroll & Reward

The key to attractive remuneration and smooth payments

What’s the one thing all HR teams have in common? Employees must be paid correctly and on time – and you’d better do it right. Issues with salary and benefits, including the lack of a competitive remuneration package, are the top reasons for employees to choose employer A over employer B. With our solutions, ranging from SaaS to payroll outsourcing to reward consulting, you’re sure to boost employee engagement and guarantee legal compliance.

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Raise your team's productivity with workforce planning and task management

Workforce Management

Aim for lower labour costs and higher productivity

Putting the right person on the right job can mean something different tomorrow than it does today. Nothing a touch of workforce management software and customised services can’t help. With tools for time registration and attendance, labour cost forecasting and staff planning, you’ll be able to adapt flexibly to your organisation’s short and long-term strategy. We gladly share our expertise to get you started.

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Talent and career management software

Talent & Careers

Towards sustainable employability for all

What are the strengths of your employees? Which skills will they need tomorrow? And how can you best help to develop talent? Simple questions, tricky answers. Benefit from our solutions for learning and development, performance and competency management, and career planning to define your gameplan. Whether it’s HR tech, consulting or data that you need, you can count on us. 

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