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Time and Attendance Software

Time and attendance software for HR

Digitally tracking working hours through manager and employee self-service tools is a powerful efficiency booster. You benefit from an automated payroll and a real-time overview of personnel costs, while your employees get empowered to manage their own time and absences – wherever they are.

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Time and attendance software for HR
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Automated payroll

A flawless payroll depends on reliable data and correct processing. Thanks to our customisable and integrated software, you’ll hit two birds with one stone. All of that and more with a single point of contact.

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Self-service tools

Why not let your employees log their own hours and absences? From whichever device, they’ll be able to input time and check balances such as overtime and holidays. This allows you to focus on more value-adding initiatives.

Real-time cost accounting

Cost accounting

Allocate time and costs per order, project and customer to obtain handy reports. These enable you to compare budgeted hours to actual time worked, to monitor absenteeism and to track both staff capacity and availability.

Time registration key to flexible workplaces

Flexible workplaces

Time registration makes it easier for (part-time) teleworkers to plan their days and to meet their objectives. Moreover, the team calendar gives managers an overview of who’s working from home, at the office or in a different location.

Charlotte Souvagie
The system is dynamic, very intuitive and takes into account numerous parameters. Reporting also works very smoothly. The high level of automation is, in any case, an important benefit.
Charlotte Souvagie, HR Assistant, Fermette Group
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