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Trust Centre: Compliance and Security in HR & Payroll

As your end-to-end European HR and Payroll partner, we ensure our customers can rely on secure solutions that are compliant with ever-changing industry standards and aligned with best practices. Our commitment goes beyond our marketing efforts, and we’ve focused on acquiring independent recognitions and attestations that hold high value for our customers. Here in the Trust Centre, we’re showcasing a selection of our most significant credentials, so you can feel confident putting your trust in us.

Kelly Lespinoy
Building trust is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. As Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at SD Worx, I believe that unwavering commitment to compliance and security not only safeguards our integrity but also fosters enduring trust among our valued customers, dedicated employees, and esteemed stakeholders.
Kelly Lespinoy
Kelly Lespinoy, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer