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SD Worx provides you on this page with the standard SD Worx Master Services Agreement which is aligned with the SD Worx standard business processes and industry market practice.

This Master Services Agreement governs the services and products offered by SD Worx to its customers, whether you onboard with SD Worx for 1 or more countries, for 1 particular service or an entire full blown HR and payroll solution.  

Task Activity

As you order new products and/or services, a Statement of Work will be established. Each Statement of Work will form a separate agreement which incorporates by reference the terms and conditions of the Master Services Agreement, unless expressly amended in such Statement of Work. Furthermore, each Statement of Work describes the products or services that you order as well as the specific conditions under which they will be provided.

The documents accessible on this page give you a good overview of the applicable contractual terms existing and applicable to an offer provided to you by SD Worx or any of its subsidiaries*. 


    Understanding our agreements

    The contractual package for SD Worx consists of two main components:

    1. Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) (general) Including a.o.: 

    • General Security Terms (annex MSA)
    • Data Processing agreement (annex MSA)

    Download our MSA :

    2. Statement(s) of Work (service/product specific)

    Click here to request more information about our specific services and products.

    The Master Services Agreement is generally the same for any service, while the Statement(s) of Work is(are) service specific.

    *SD Worx reserves the right to make changes to this page as it deems fit from time to time.