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Freenet Group

Telecommunications companies operate in a highly dynamic environment characterised by constant change. In recent years, freenet has also made a number of company acquisitions, combined with various restructuring activities within the company. As a leading HR service provider, SD Worx offers the freenet Group the flexibility and HR expertise it needs to adapt to this dynamic environment. The freenet Group places its trust in an integrated and needs-based SAP HCM solution.

    The customer

    • Sector: Telecommunications
    • Approx. 4,500 employees
    • Largest independent telecommunications provider in Germany

      The requirements profile

      • Set-up of a future-oriented and adaptable SAP system for payroll and other HR applications
      • Migration of data from legacy systems
      • Successive adoption of payroll through SD Worx – initially in ASP – later completely in BPO operations
      • Flexibility regarding further organisational changes and expansion of the service catalogue

        The solution

        • Payroll for the around 4,500 employees in BPO operations
        • Comprehensive configuration of the SAP system with defined features
        • Including payroll, certificatio

          The benefits

          • On-time payments with almost zero error rate for all 4,500 employees
          • Expert advice on special topics provided by the SD Worx customer team
          • High payroll quality
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            SD Worx provides us with exactly the HR services and solutions we need to achieve our goals: efficient HR payroll with a reliably high payroll quality. The HR solutions by SD Worx are a good match for us – just like the people.
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            Claudia Anderleit, Leiterin Personalmanagement & Personalsysteme, The Freenet Group