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    ISS was founded in Copenhagen in 1901 and has grown to become one of the world's leading facility services companies. ISS employs nearly half a million people globally and over 38,000 people in the UK, providing a range of service in the public and private sectors, ranging from maintenance and engineering, through to cleaning, security, catering and front of house services.

    One of ISS' main challenges was creating a value proposition that helped retain people and create new opportunities for staff, both to develop themselves and to meet their aspirations. Due to the nature of the business, many types of roles within ISS may be part-time, including staff who may have different roles on multiple sets of terms and across various entities.

    ISS wanted a solution for its complex payrolls with multiple pay frequencies, which caused substantial complications due to scale and National Insurance aggregation requirements. Their in-house bespoke payroll system had potential points of failure. ISS wanted to reduce payroll risk while maintaining cost and streamlining the process of paying employees.


      With over 38,000 employees and multiple payrolls, SD Worx worked with ISS to reduce complexities, maintaining accuracy and increasing employee engagement. SD Worx established a dedicated payroll team based in the UK and Mauritius that both have excellent payroll expertise and are passionate about supporting ISS with any queries and challenges that arise.

        Benefits & Impact

        • Strong partnership formed between ISS and SD Worx.
        • SD Worx worked with ISS to maintain payroll accuracy.
        • Support from a provider with solid payroll knowledge and expertise.
        • Reduced manual processing and administration.
        • Removed single point of risk by introducing electronic time capture, self-service technology and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.
        • Working with the team in Mauritius gave ISS a longer processing window.
        • Full and automatic compliance with any new legislative changes.
          ISS & SD Worx
          We chose SD Worx as a provider because they demonstrated a real understanding of our need and our purpose. The solution they came up with helped us transition from a precarious situation, originally around payroll services, into a much more stable and repeatable environment.
          ISS & SD Worx
          Richard Bishop-Laggett, Director of Strategic People Projects, ISS