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Leonardo Hotels

FEELING GOOD – following this motto, Leonardo Hotels, a European subsidiary of Fattal Hotels, has been present on the German hotel market since 2007 and now operates more than 130 locations in the 3* and 4* Plus category in Europe, as well as hotels at a comparable standard. Leonardo Hotels has been a customer of SD Worx since 2008.
Leonardo Hotels


    • The number of billable employees has grown from 50 to 2,200 within a few years
    • The migration of 1,100 employees into existing payroll processes over two months
    • 47 billable hotels, with around 25 operating companies behind them, i.e. this differentiation between business premises and the employer company must be shown in payroll
    • Support for projects such as the standardisation of the cost centre system and introduction of automated holiday accrual

      Solutions used

      Payroll and HR services in connection with the full-service offering of Managed Payroll Services PLUS.
      The PeopleDoc solution for HR management has also been in use for the whole of Europe (4,000 employees) since October 2017. In addition to smart document management, the case management and knowledge portal module has been particularly satisfactory.

        Anke Maas
        It has always been part of the company philosophy for HR to play its part in strategically significant issues.
        Anke Maas
        Anke Maas, HR Director, Leonardo Hotels