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Integrated international payroll: How Orange streamlines payroll calculations for local employees and expatriates

The acquisition by Orange transformed Mobistar into an international telecommunications operator. As a result, the company now has employees from over 46 countries. A special tax regime applies to these workers. Nathalie Villers, HR Legal Advisor at Orange Belgium: "Expatriate payroll management can be complicated and time-consuming. If there are fifty expatriates, you need to perform the same number of different payroll calculations. The My International Employment application makes that a thing of the past."

No 'one size fits all'

The international payroll at Orange Belgium, formerly Mobistar, was placing a heavy load on the telecommunications company's HR department. "In Belgium, expatriates are not taxed on foreign income. As such, they are subject to different payroll calculations. Add the differences due to local legislation in the country of origin and you are dealing with a very complex payroll."

Orange Belgium already relied on SD Worx to do the payroll processing for its Belgian employees. "Payroll calculations for expatriates were carried out by another service provider, though. Such calculations were not performed automatically in our local payroll administration system. An HR employee therefore had to enter all the data by hand again for each employee. A time-consuming task."

Orange was therefore looking for an alternative.

    Tailored payroll

    SD Worx proposed a tailor-made solution for Orange Belgium: automatic payroll integration with the existing payroll platform. "The system contains all the specific tax systems for the expatriate payroll. This allows us to calculate each different regime accurately."

      Fewer mistakes, more focus

      This integrated approach has provided the company with many benefits: "Automating the expatriate payroll administration limits errors due to manual input and enables HR employees to focus on more strategic tasks. In addition, there is a team of experts available to answer any questions expatriates may have relating to international employment. No unwarranted luxury in such a complex HR environment."

      Could the efficiency of your international payroll calculations be greatly increased?

        The payroll details for all employees are entered in a single system. This saves time and increases efficiency.
        Nathalie Villers, HR Legal Advisor, Orange Belgium