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Finding payroll certainty in an uncertain world

The HR and payroll industry is in a constant state of change. New laws and regulations are introduced around the world, some of which—including GDPR—change the way the whole organization handles its processes and services.

Alongside the continuous changes in the industry, there are also fast-paced developments in technology, too. From voice enabled assistants to blockchain, it can be hard for HR and payroll professionals to keep up. With the world an uncertain place—but the payroll industry needing certainty—outsourcing payroll to an international payroll service provider can be the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, what are the benefits of an international payroll service provider? And how can outsourcing a payroll provider help organizations to achieve payroll certainty?

    Reducing errors

    The payroll industry cannot afford for any mistakes to occur. Mistakes are costly for organizations, take up valuable time, and can lead to fines and brand damage.
    By outsourcing payroll to an international payroll service provider, HR and payroll teams can have peace of mind that their payroll is compliant with both local and regional legislations. Service providers can also automate mundane and back-office payroll tasks, which reduce the chance of human error on the small—but important—tasks.

      Reducing costs

      Having multiple payroll providers for all the countries that an organization works in can be costly, especially if the in-country systems aren’t compatible with each other. This has both short-term and long-term risks, and is costly for the business.
      By combining the services from numerous countries into one offering, international organizations will need to spend much less on payroll. Some organizations go from 47 local payroll providers to a single international payroll service provider, saving both time and money.

        Reducing stress

        Needing to understand the various payroll laws and legislations can be demanding and stressful for HR and payroll teams around the world. By taking away the pressure of managing local payroll systems, and automating some tasks, HR and payroll teams will be able to manage the one payroll service easily, and won’t need to worry about understanding the legislations of multiple regions.
        Remaining compliant and managing the payroll of numerous countries and regions is difficult, but an international payroll service provider can allow HR and payroll teams to regain control of their payroll, and embrace the power that payroll can bring to organizations.

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