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Explore the forefront of payroll and HR with our latest publications. Stay ahead of industry trends and insights with our curated collection of thought-provoking articles, research papers, and whitepapers. Discover expert analysis, innovative solutions, and practical advice to empower your organisation to navigate modern HR and payroll complexities. Dive into our comprehensive resource hub and unlock the knowledge you need to drive success in today's dynamic business landscape.

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Latest Publications


Tailoring workplace flexibility

Our first report of 2024 analyses exclusive Europe-wide research to answer the question: what matters the most to employees when it comes to flexible work? And how can employers enhance their flex working policies to meet the evolving needs of their people? We’ve identified 4 priorities to address that will ensure your flexible working policies are the perfect fit.



Transform your talent strategy

Our latest research sheds new light on talent management in action across Europe. According to the data, talent strategy can mean something different to every stakeholder group, from the C-suite to new employees. So how can HR teams align all priorities and meet everyone's needs? In our new report, we identify 5 key talent challenges to solve. 



Building a strong digital workplace: 4 steps

How the shift to a digital workplace impacts your organisation depends mainly on your ability to align the interests of your employees, business and HR. Once you’ve found the perfect match for everyone, you’re ready to take on the future!

Check out our e-book and build a strong digital workplace in just 4 steps. 



How to become an HR data and analytics hero

HR and people data help you optimise many aspects of your business. Discover 4 attributes and abilities to make HR analytics your company’s superpower. 



How to become an employer of choice

Every employer of choice scores big on 9 HR domains, from wellbeing to remuneration. This is how you nail them.



Top 10 HR challenges for 2022 (and how to face them)

(Re)connecting with people runs like a thread through the top 10 HR challenges for the future. We’ve asked 10 renowned SD Worx experts to each analyse a specific challenge and how to turn them into opportunities.




Ride smarter, not harder

Towards people-first digital HR

Improving the employee experience, nailing operational efficiency and gaining digital maturity are all among the most important HR challenges for today and tomorrow. Well, there’s a way to hit all three objectives in one go: by building a people-first digital ecosystem for core HR. Download our first e-book in the series Ride Smarter, not harder to find out how to get started. 



Payroll outsourcing:

Payroll partners are like domestiques in professional cycling: riders that work for the benefit of the team and do much of the hard, unpleasant work. They shelter their team leaders from headwinds, provide them with energy supplies and help in case of complications during the race. Download our e-book to take a look behind the scenes.

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