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3 HR and Management Resolutions for 2020

From being healthier to digital detoxes, many of us adopt resolutions at the start of the new year. However, it’s not only personal resolutions that should be set in January each year - professional goals should not be overlooked either. Employees might focus on their work/life balance or wellbeing, or might embark on various training sessions to improve their skills.
So, if you’re a manager or business leader, how can you better support your employees? What needs to be in place to keep employees engaged and efficient throughout the year? Here are three resolutions for the start of a new decade.

    Think SMART

    With a recent study finding that engaged teams are found to be 21% more profitable than disengaged ones, it’s vital for managers and business leaders to focus on employee engagement, satisfaction and happiness. This is where SMART goals might come in.

    As the Metro explains, “SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-sensitive”. Setting SMART goals does not only ensure that the performance and engagement of employees is measured, it also aligns the employee goals with organisational goals. This therefore creates a shift from stagnant employee engagement to performance management that is continuous and measurable.

      Predict and Prevent

      What if you could see employee trends and could predict future trends in the business? With the right analytics technology in place, business leaders and managers can do just that.

      From measuring - and improving - performance to developing skills and retaining employees, performance management is shifting from annual tasks to an ongoing process. Being more data-driven, including collating and analysing relevant data, empowers management and HR teams to gain real insight into employee trends around productivity, satisfaction, attrition and performance, and can therefore put the necessary steps in place to improve the business. Both personal and team performance can be improved on an ongoing basis, rather than disparate and occasional feedback.

      HR teams can consequently determine how healthy their organisations is from an HR point of view, as well as how specific regions and countries are performing relative to each other.

        Turn to Technology

        Technology has come a long way in recent years, and the way it can help employees across the business should not be ignored. Whether it’s investing in analytics or reporting solutions, there is plenty for companies to choose from. For example, when it comes to utilising technology in the reporting process, data from multiple countries and regions can be collated into a single dashboard. The HR department can therefore review and analyse the data easily, reducing the need to manually collate and process the report.

        Alongside dramatically reducing manual workloads and minimising any potential errors, technology can also be used to increase collaboration, training and skills development.
        There’s no doubt that employee development is critical in today’s business environment. However, it isn’t just individual performance that managers should focus on as we enter the new year, as team performance is just as important.

        As more and more technology is used in the workplace, colleagues and teams are becoming more connected than ever before, and must therefore have the same amount of attention (in regards to performance) as individual employees. This will not only increase collaboration, but will also enhance productivity and engagement.
        It might be hard to keep some personal resolutions throughout the year, but by dedicating time and resource, these workplace goals can make a real impact to the business in 2020 and beyond.

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