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Why your employee benefits should include "workation"

This summer, SD Worx introduced a “workation” policy, so employees can combine workdays and annual leave/weekends to spend time abroad. Employees can now spend up to 20 working days working in any of the 24 countries where we have a legal entity The change has been popular: over 300 workation requests have been approved in the last 2 months! 

    Workation Success Stories

      Walking 50 metres from desk to beach


      Azra Ahmed, Copywriter, spent 3 weeks travelling around Mauritius: “I can confirm the so-called paradise island lives up to its name: most days I walked less than a minute to have my toes in the sand. Mauritius is compact enough that I could visit all four corners of the island, enjoying the stunning nature, culture and food. And, of course, I also visited the SD Worx office! It was wonderful to meet colleagues in person who I had chatted to over Teams calls for so long.”

        Cosy evenings at the lake


        Lissa Hellemans, Benefits & Mobility Officer, spent a few days in France with her partner: “Thanks to our new workation system, it’s easier for me to accompany my partner on his frequent trips abroad. Recently we were in a cottage with family, and I was able to join them for lunch or after work. In the evenings we went swimming in a lake, to restaurants or on hikes in the area. I would absolutely recommend it, as long as you have a quiet place to work and a stable internet connection.”

          Taking the family on an extended trip to Mauritius

          Workation Family adventure in Mauritius

          Dane Herron, Head of Customer Success, had been wanting to visit family in Mauritius for some time: “It’s such a long way to travel with young children for only 1 or 2 weeks. The new workation policy has enabled us to travel here for 3 weeks: I worked for the first week and then took 2 weeks holiday with the family.  It’s been a fantastic opportunity, not only to catch up with family we haven’t seen for a long time, but also to meet the teams here in Mauritius, to build relationships and progress a few projects!”

            Spending longer back home in Poland


            Paulina Grygo, Payroll Consultant, spent time relaxing with family in Poland: “Workation has given me the opportunity to enjoy a bit more time with my family and friends, whom I only see once a year. I haven't had any technical problems so I’m 100% operational and I kept in regular contact with my colleagues in Brussels, so I didn't feel disconnected from the team. I really appreciate the flexibility that SD Worx offers us. It's a big step forward.”

              What are the benefits of introducing a workation policy?

              We asked Hicham Al Bouhali, People Director, Talent Acquisitions & Projects, why it’s important to have a workation policy in place.

              “Workation gives employees ultimate flexibility, not only in terms of which hours they work, but also where they work. We think that’s essential for achieving work-life balance, because every life is different. We should give every employee the opportunity to become more motivated and efficient in their own way.

              Remote working is here to stay, and for companies like SD Worx, global reach is growing. Our employees should have the chance to explore the world as we do, or to spend time in other locations where they have family and community. A workation policy also encourages internal mobility, and at SD Worx we see it bringing people closer together: one team of almost 10 requested to spend a few days working in Malaga together, for example!"

                Hicham Al Bouhali
                Workation gives employees ultimate flexibility, improves employee motivation and efficiency on a personal level, but also encourages closer collaboration and internal mobility.
                Hicham Al Bouhali
                Hicham Al Bouhali, People Director, Talent Acquisitions & Projects at SD Worx

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