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Teleworking and hybrid working

A solid policy for teleworking and hybrid working should allow for remote workers and on-site workers to reach your business objectives as a team. But how do you put the theory into practice? We’ve gathered all relevant resources to make this new way of working a long-term success for all involved.

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4 changes to expect in the future of flexible work

Explore insights from SD Worx experts on the future of flexible work, including personalized benefits, focus on inclusivity and redefining work hours.

By Azra Ahmed2/14/2024
Tailoring workplace flexibility

Tailoring workplace flexibility

Our first report of 2024 analyses exclusive Europe-wide research to answer the question: what matters the most to employees when it comes to flexible work? And how can employers enhance their flex working policies to meet the evolving needs of their people? We’ve identified 4 priorities to address that will ensure your flexible working policies are the perfect fit.


Why your employee benefits should include "workation"

Combining workdays with annual leave enables the flexibility employees prioritise. Learn why it's an essential benefit for international companies to offer. 

By Azra Ahmed9/28/2023
head image_blog_post_Adessa is now SD Worx SAP solutions

Adessa is now SD Worx SAP solutions

New year, new name.

This year starts with an exciting change for us. Adessa is now SD Worx SAP solutions and will be a fully integrated member of the SD Worx family.

The SD Worx SAP Solutions offering is now available on the SDWorx.com site. Stay tuned to discover all the SAP content on SD Worx websites going forward!

What a way to start 2023! Let's spark success together.

head image_blog post_What is the future of work and how will job change?

What is the Future of Work and How will Jobs Change?

When we talk about the future of work, the concept of work and an employee's role within the company are constantly evolving.

Recently, we had the chance to speak with Arjen van Hooydonk, HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Solution Architect at SD Worx SAP solutions, about the future of work and how he thinks that jobs will change in the future. The future of work explains how work will evolve over the next decade because of technical, generational and societal transformations.


Stay connected to your hybrid workforce: 4 tips

About 1 in 3 hybrid employees feel disconnected from their corporate culture. Here are 4 ways to counter that feeling, from introducing collaboration tools to tackling proximity bias.

By Nazia Keenoo7/6/2022
head img_blog post_the great resignation or great reset

The Great Resignation or the Great Reset?

Globally, millions of employees are leaving their jobs in historically high numbers. This phenomenon has been dubbed "The Great Resignation." An autumn 2021 study found that nearly one in four UK employees planned on switching jobs in the next few months. And the trends have only continued through this spring.


Employee personas: creating unique experiences in a hybrid world

Use employee personas to design tailored employee experiences (EX) for your hybrid workforce. This is why, what and how to get started.

High Five

Payroll must go on

Global Payroll Week is an annual opportunity to put the world of payroll in the spotlight. At SD Worx, we have relied on our payroll specialists during the past month more than ever before.


Guidelines for HR Professionals in 2021

Over the past year, HR too has had to deal with our modern version of the Big Bang. We all adopted a ‘new normal’, to use a trendy term. Hopefully 2021 will be better. Thanks to the vaccine - fingers crossed - we shall soon be getting back to our social lives and be able to meet our colleagues and customers in person again more often. The after-effects of the coronavirus will continue affecting HR developments in the year to come, however. We hereby present the most important insights and trends for the new year.


Total talent management: preparing for constant change

What will 2021 bring? After such a turbulent year, it would be audacious to start making big statements. But one thing seems to be a given: ‘the old normal’ is not coming back.


Remote working challenges – and how to overcome them

As the adage goes, “the clever learn from their mistakes, but the truly wise learn from the mistakes of others”. With remote working here to stay in a post COVID-19 world, offering great experiences to remote workers is the key to high engagement, effortless collaboration and – in the end – higher performance. Familiarise yourself with the fails and learn how to win with remote working.