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HR & Payroll Outsourcing

If you lack the time and resources to set up strategic HR projects, outsourcing some of the more tedious HR tasks might well be a good solution to create more space. It is, however, a big call to make. The info on this page should provide you with enough insights to know how outsourcing would impact and benefit you.


How to outsource payroll, from SaaS to BPO

Payroll outsourcing exists in many shapes and forms: SaaS, payroll staffing, payroll optimisation and business process outsourcing. A brief overview.


Payroll outsourcing: 4 tips on which tasks to outsource

Contrary to what some think, payroll outsourcing is not a take-it-or-leave-it concept. You decide which tasks you’d rather lay in the hands of a third party and which ones you keep in-house. Therefore, every outsourcing project starts by determining the scope. To help you with that exercise, we’ve listed some pro tips.


Payroll outsourcing in the new normal: pros and cons

From SaaS to fully managed services, payroll outsourcing exists in many shapes and forms. But whichever formula you go for, handing over some or all of your payroll duties to a third party is a big call to make. Before you get into which payroll tasks to outsource, getting all the intel on possible pros and cons seems a logical first step.


Payroll in times of hybrid working: 3 new challenges

Hybrid work is hot. Companies realise that workplace (and worktime) flexibility has become an important differentiator in a tight labour market. Hybrid working, however, has a lot of implications for HR. For example, it greatly affects payroll delivery. We’ve summarised the key challenges (global) companies face on this front.


10 Challenges of Multi-country HR

Expanding the reach of your business and taking your operations international is an exciting time for any organisation. But with new opportunities come new challenges – and HR is no exception to that rule. Businesses that are upscaling, and even businesses that already have global employees, need to evolve internal systems and processes to ensure HR practices suit multiple cultures, compliance requirements and regulations.


Choosing the right HR solution post covid- with Mieke Guns

As we emerge from almost two years of lockdowns, travel bans, and working from home, the new normal looks a lot like the old one – only more so. In the HR arena, Covid has accelerated existing trends, putting growing pressure on HR leaders to support their companies’ business objectives.

By Mieke Guns2021-10-05

How to calculate, assess and control the TCO of your payroll

Optimising your payroll process is no luxury in times of economic turmoil. The first step: mapping out the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your payroll. This allows you to make good use of your resources, lend focused support to your team, streamline your operations and generate transparency in complex times.

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Payroll must go on

Global Payroll Week is an annual opportunity to put the world of payroll in the spotlight. At SD Worx, we have relied on our payroll specialists during the past month more than ever before.


Going Global? Here are 5 advantages of outsourcing your payroll

In this increasingly globalised world, there is a vast array of opportunities for businesses to explore. For companies looking to expand their international reach, payroll is one of the biggest consideration factors.