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Privacy & Security

Taking care of sensitive employee and business data means HR should commit to high standards when it comes to privacy compliance and security. The organisation expects you to run a tight ship. To help you to keep all data private and secure, we’ve clustered our expertise on the matter.  

Mandatory protection for whistleblowers

Mandatory protection for whistleblowers – be prepared on time

By December 17, 2021, Belgium will need to have implemented the European Whistleblower Directive. From then on, organisations and companies must have a workable internal reporting channel in place for whistleblowers who expose abuses. Belgium is still lagging behind, but we are already taking steps to move forward.

By Jan Vanthournout2021-11-17

Getting it Right: Small and Mighty Payroll

There’s a common misconception that payroll offerings are only necessary when your organisation reaches a certain size. However, small companies should not overlook partnering with a payroll provider that fits their needs, especially when they’re looking to expand into new regions.


GDPR Data Register: Have you mastered it correctly?

GDPR has been a burning subject in the past three years now. It was enforceable in 2018 across European countries and things have evolved since then. In fact, since its implementation date until January 2020, some 160,921 personal data breaches with EEA have been reported (DLA Piper: GDPR Data breach Survey 2020). In this article, we’ll go about how to complete the data register followed by a data handling case by science giant Dupont.


Going Global? Here are 5 advantages of outsourcing your payroll

In this increasingly globalised world, there is a vast array of opportunities for businesses to explore. For companies looking to expand their international reach, payroll is one of the biggest consideration factors.


3 scary payroll mistakes for multinational organizations

Payroll is the lifeblood of an organization, so getting it right is crucial. When organizations branch out into new geographical locations, the risk of payroll mistakes heightens. It’s a scary thought for HR and payroll professionals. 

Turbulent Times_ How Global Payroll Providers Can Help You Navigate Business Change

Turbulent Times: How Global Payroll Providers Can Help You Navigate Business Change

In today’s business landscape, organisations are facing uncertainty as they plan for the future. With covid-19 pandemic turning the world upside down, Brexit that has caused political instability across Europe, the rapid development of new technologies and the lure of moving operations overseas to reduce costs, how can we navigate these turbulent times?


HR insights: bridging the language gap in international employment

Managing an international workforce involves various specialist tasks, such as declaring taxes to foreign administrations, monitoring complex labour laws and elaborating attractive reward systems. That’s why most companies outcource these error-prone tasks. Both local and global HR providers can make a big difference, but remember to make well-considered choices. If you’re looking to truly bridge literal and figurative language gaps, a global partner with vast local expertise is your go-to option. Here’s why.


Shaping HR strategy in growing businesses: 3 trends

Europe is home to millions of expanding businesses, which play an increasingly vital role in job creation, economic growth and innovative power. They have a lot to gain in the digital era – as long as their HR strategies keep pace with the dynamic needs of their employees. Explore three powerful HR trends that are poised to impact your international company, and learn how to tackle them.