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Temporary Employees

Staffing solutions for temporary employees

Staffing needs because of absences, internal mobility, peak periods, etc. can easily be covered by qualified temporary workers. This avoids your fixed team from getting overworked. But how exactly do you build a strong flexible workforce? SD Worx can help with payroll duties or by organising the whole sourcing and selection process.

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Staffing solutions for temporary employees

A well-considered choice

Scaling opportunities

Being able to bring on more workers or scale back your workforce is a big plus if demand tends to fluctuate during the year.

Cost-efficient hiring process

The process of taking on a flex worker – including salary – is usually more cost-efficient than making a permanent hire.

Access to new skills

Flex workers can bring new skills and perspectives to their role that, in turn, improve boost productivity and efficiency.

Springboard for meaningful hires

Take time to evaluate which flex workers might be a good fit. Found a match? SD Worx secures seamless data transfers to go from flex to fix.

Solutions to build a strong flexible workforce

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Temping: the full monty

Efficient sourcing, thorough candidate selection, effective planning, contracting, time registration and evaluation...it’s all part of the deal. To do so, we combine digital solutions and know-how with recruitment expertise, learning and coaching initiatives as well as a flawless administrative process.

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Payroll outsourcing for temporary employees

Temp payrolling

Our experts support in registering your temporary employees, handle declarations and draw up employment contracts, social documents and remuneration files. In other words, we take over the administrative burden of payrolling. Even more, we introduce a self-service portal to maximise the employee experience.

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Trust is a crucial building block of a solid, fruitful collaboration. I can honestly say that the SD Worx team keeps proving that they rightfully earn our trust. I value their open and transparent way of communicating and the fact they immediately propose solutions for our different HR challenges.
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