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Embracing the Age of Change in HR and Payroll

Entering the second decade of the 21st century, the HR and payroll community have been overwhelmed by social and political changes affecting businesses worldwide, as well as the strong impact of technology in our daily and work lives.

Take, for example, the introduction of GDPR on the 25th May 2018 that require businesses’ full attention to prepare long before it came into play. At SD Worx, we had a countdown blog series that gave HR and payroll teams advice on how to prepare, but this wasn’t the only regulation that business had to make changes for.

Alongside GDPR, there was also the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union in 2016, which has caused years of Brexit turbulence and uncertainty.

However, changes are the only thing constant and we can expect technology and business to keep on evolving in the future. What does the future of HR hold? The start of a new decade gives cause to reflect on what new advancements will occur in the HR and payroll industry.

    Payroll Changes

    The past decade has seen an increase in the amount of gig workers and flexible workers in the workforce, with many also campaigning for a four-day working week. With employees moving away from traditional working structures, we’re likely to see more organisations providing employees with flexibility when it comes to working days/hours and pay.

    As Michael Custers, our CMO, outlined in a recent article in Employer News, “as more people want to be paid in different ways, 2020 will see demands on the HR and payroll departments to accomodate for flexi-pay. This could be anything from advance pay, to counter payday loans.”

    To prepare businesses to the fluidity of employment as well as the changing needs of employees and businesses alike, SD Worx has revealed SD Worx Staffing Solutions.


      This decade was surprised by Brexit and the uncertainty it is currently causing across the UK and the European Union. At SD Worx, we’ve suggested ways to start HR Brexit planning, but certainty is likely to be unattainable until more clarity is achieved.

      Another mark of the decade is the implementation of GDPR. With the ever-changing regulations and growing attention on privacy and data protection, organisations should rest easy that they have an HR and payroll provider that can give them peace of mind that their local and global expertise is ensuring that processes are running seamlessly. 


        Moving on from regulation, there’s also been a number of advancements in technology in recent years, including voice-activated tech, blockchain and machine learning.

        For SD Worx in particular, we’ve launched Global People Services, the first integrated HR and payroll offering focusing on the mid-market in Europe, at UNLEASH 2019. The cloud-based solution provides a single source of data across countries and streamlines people reporting and analytics. Global People Services therefore helps organisations to focus on growing their businesses instead of having to manage different suppliers or technology systems.

        The team also launched its Digital Assistant that helps HR teams and employees to manage their admin, saving valuable time. The Digital Assistant is a self-service tool that let employees easily manage their HR administration digitally. Your employees can use their trusted devices to chat with the digital assistant and easily request leave, reschedule meetings or set up out-of-office messages. Everything is cleverly connected in one tool.

        With an increasing amount of businesses and employees adopting voice-enabled technology, alongside technology that is powered by artificial intelligence, we’re likely to see technological advancements continuing to help organisations around the world to save costs and reduce administrative tasks. This ultimately frees up HR and payroll teams to do what they do best, to focus on the people-related tasks in the organisation. As our CMO outlines in his recent article, “the attention is now shifting to mid-sized companies, as evidenced in the rise of various startups and aggregators.” Advanced technology is no longer just for larger organisations.

        The past decade has seen a number of advancements in the HR and payroll community, and for businesses as a whole and the next decade would not be any different. Are you prepared?

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