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How HR Tech can put a spring back in the step of your payroll function

How HR Tech can put a spring back in the step of your payroll function

With winter coming to an end, the sun is coming out of hibernation and spring is rolling around. But as we prepare for the time of new beginnings, with flowers blooming and the leaves back on the trees, how can you use HR Tech to make the most of the new season? Rather than being stuck in the office, battling through endless admin and other time-consuming tasks, introducing HR tech into your organisation can put a spring back in the step of the payroll function.

    Back Office Admin

    As well as ensuring that monthly payroll runs across the global organisation, payroll professionals also have to stay on top of back office admin. Admin can easily start adding up as organisations grow and operations expand. However, this can also overwhelm the payroll professional with mundane and never-ending distractions from their key role of running the payroll. 

    Adopting HR technology can minimise these repetitive tasks and free up the HR and payroll professional from mundanity to focus on more important tasks. Technology, such as AI and machine learning, can automate the back-office tasks and take the pressure away from the human employees this spring, reducing stress and making jobs more fulfilling and rewarding. 

    In fact, HR technology is not just limited to the back office. With innovative uses for AI such as SD Worx’s Digital Assistant that can book meetings, plan travel routes and set up ‘out of office’ notifications, it’s possible to minimise the time spent by employees arranging these details. By utilising technology in this way, the human employee can be enhanced to perform better in their role as well as maintain a healthier work/life balance. With staff more rested and more positive in their roles, HR technology can undoubtedly put a spring back into the step of the payroll department. 

      Challenging Compliance

      As organisations expand, the question of remaining compliant can become a significant challenge for the payroll department. Operating in multiple regions means complying with multiple privacy laws when it comes to handling sensitive data – and this is a large part of the day-to-day lives of a payroll professional. These laws are regularly changed and updated in the non-stop world of global payroll compliance and this can become overwhelming and certainly time consuming to stay on top of. 

      However, HR technology can ensure that compliance is handled efficiently, and minimise the human error. For example, using AI can ensure that data is deleted automatically when necessary, rather than running the risk of leaving non-compliant data in the system. Not only does this reduce the workload of the human employees, it ensures compliance whilst making the department more efficient. 

        Empowering Payroll

        Not only does HR technology empower employees, it can also empower the payroll function within the organisation as a whole. Utilising technology to assimilate a global organisation’s payroll data and presente it on a single dashboard rather than leaving the human employee to compile endless spreadsheets of international payroll, makes extracting business insights much easier. 

        With insights presented in a simple and easily digestible visual, the payroll can spring its way into the boardroom and inform important business decisions that have the power to impact how the global business operates. 

        HR technology enables organisations to unlock the power of payroll as it streamlines payroll operations in a variety of ways. With AI, machine learning and other technologies empowering payroll, embracing the technology can make life easier this spring. 

        To learn more about SD Worx and its Power of Payroll campaign, download its white paper on unlocking the power of payroll here.