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Summer cool

How to keep your payroll cool in summer months

HR and payroll teams can also face challenges in their own departments, as members of the team are off on holiday—reducing the amount of staff and increasing the workload. Although the heat can get to some HR departments, here’s how to keep payroll cool this summer.

    1/ Staff planning

    All staff need holidays, so it’s important to plan which team members are out of office and when. Having a holiday calendar will make this clear, so HR and payroll teams can then identify any problems or challenges that might be faced over that period.

    For example, if a vital team member is out of office when payroll runs, or when a new legislation comes into play, HR and payroll teams can plan and train other staff members accordingly. By doing this, HR and payroll teams will not struggle to resource over the summer months.

      2/ Use the quiet period

      The summer months are typically quieter as many employees and clients are out of office. HR and payroll teams should use this quiet time to get up to speed with various upcoming laws and legislations, and to ensure that the organisation is compliant.

      For example, HR and payroll team members can use this time to ensure that the GDPR data register is up to date, or read up on upcoming local legislations. HR and payroll teams can also use this time to implement new technologies, or even to begin working with a global payroll service provider. The quiet time in the summer should be embraced rather than squandered.

        3/ Embrace automation

        Some payroll tasks can be boring and mundane, especially over the summer months when most employees want to be outside enjoying the sunshine. By embracing technology and automation, mundane payroll tasks can be automated, which gives HR and payroll teams more time to complete the more ‘human’ tasks. Whether it’s SaaS, Managed Payroll Services, or Comprehensive Payroll Services, payroll services can be tailored to any organisation.


        The summer months are much quieter, so it’s a great time for HR and payroll departments—and the entire organisation—to get work in order. However, it’s also a time to have fun and to enjoy the sunshine.

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