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Gro, global payroll services for your international expansion

Is your business expanding across borders? Or do you want to hire talent abroad? International payroll holds a few challenges, like local legal compliance and flawless international payroll administration. We've got your back with SD Worx Gro, our global payroll services for companies starting their international growth.

Time to Gro your business.

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Global payroll services for your international expansion

Organise your international payroll in no time

Compliance expertise

Trust our local experts to guide you through complex local regulations. That way, you’ll fulfil the in-country requirements for every foreign employee and avoid penalties.

Reduce errors

Give yourself peace of mind by implementing smooth and accurate international payroll through a single secure way of working across countries with the backup of our experts.

Time Management
Free up resources

Free up time by unlocking the efficiency a single platform to follow up on your global payroll and day-to-day queries.

100% transparent TCO

Reduce hidden costs with a unified Gro package for all countries, covering the full scope and quality assurance of payroll services and expert advice, all under one contract.

Start your global expansion with tailored payroll support

All your global payroll needs covered

All your global payroll needs covered

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going – count on the local expertise of our certified payroll experts. With a local anchorage in 150 countries, our Managed Payroll Services have no borders. Choose rapid international growth with streamlined payroll processes and have your entire team’s salaries paid correctly and timely.

    In every new market you’re entering

    In every new market you’re entering

    You’re about to post one or more employees in a new country? Our experts take into account local regulations and have your company registered at the relevant government agencies. Meanwhile, we’ll support you with the contract setup and all the payroll essentials of the respective country.

      Leave payroll to our people

      Peace of mind beyond payroll

      Have our experts on stand-by for every payroll-related doubt or question you may have. But that’s not the only way to tap into our knowledge. Want specific advice on domestic labour laws, collective labour agreements, social security, HR policies and more? We’ll show you the ropes: from salary splits and expats to severance pay and flexible payment plans.

        Making technology work for you

        Rely on our secure, GDPR compliant digital platform to organise your payroll in an intuitive way. Easily follow up on queries, structure your payroll in the calendar and more – anywhere, anytime. Our tools are accessible through any device, ensuring a smooth experience for your day-to-day payroll activities.

          FAQS on international payroll

          A sneak peek into our expertise

          Start by building a solid foundation for your international payroll. For starters, think about how you’ll collect HR data from every country your business is active in and how you’ll harmonise your HR processes across countries. Also, get up to speed with local employment laws and make sure to quickly register as an employer in each relevant jurisdiction. SD Worx can help you with all of that.

          If you want to hire employees who live and work in another country, you will have to be registered in that country. SD Worx can help you with the administration required to register your company as a foreign employer. It is not always necessary to have a local entity in place, that depends on the local legislation.

          Not necessarily. Most small enterprises taking their first steps in international employment don’t have local payroll departments in every country. To make it work, relying on the advice of a trustworthy payroll partner like SD Worx helps to empower your central payroll team to also manage payroll in foreign countries.

          This depends on the country you’re hiring in, since payroll requirements stem from local employment laws. With our Domestic Expertise Pack, SD Worx saves you the trouble of deciphering local rules and regulations of every single country you’re active in. It gives you all the support you need to enter a new market: from general advice on domestic legislation and collective labour agreements to support with payroll administration, e.g. ordering meal vouchers or completing country-specific forms. Get in touch to start implementing our Domestic Expertise Pack.

          When your payroll consists of few people in a few locations, you do not need to work with local HR and payroll software. At SD Worx we provide you with a central platform with a schedule to structure your payroll process in every country and to follow-up on day-to-day queries. This platform is integrated with our local payroll engines to ensure an automated data flow.

          Make your next international hire a breeze

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