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3 ways HR can improve employee engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic in the industry today, with organisations looking to maximise the potential of their workforce in the digital age. However, a recent Harvard Business report revealed that although 71% ‘rank employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organisational success’, only 24% of respondents say their employees are ‘highly engaged’.

There are countless benefits to ensuring that employees are engaged and happy. Engaged employees are more productive, communicate better, and are more invested in the success of the organisation, and that’s just the beginning. However, authentic employee engagement isn’t achieved overnight.

So, how can HR and payroll teams improve employee engagement and create a culture of happiness and productivity?

    1/ Reducing manual workloads with digitalisation

    There’s no doubt that reducing manual workloads will be well-received by employees, but introducing digitalisation can also help to improve employee engagement. As outlined in a recent Forbes article, higher employee engagement can be achieved through ‘developing transparency and flexible communication’.
    For example, a digital offering like SD Worx’s Digital Assistant can enable employees manage their HR administration digitally, and empowers employees to take control of their working lives with ease. By doing this, employees can easily manage their personal administration and can reduce the amount of manual processes they need to complete. Reduced stress equals better engaged employees.

      2/ Get to know your employees

      Getting to know your employees sounds simple, but it’s surprising how many organisations don’t know who works for them. For multinational companies in particular, it’s really important for organisations to know their exact headcount, and then to be able to break that headcount down into understanding the diversity and talent in the organisation.
      However, it’s equally important to know who your employees are. Taking the time to speak to employees to build a rapport will ensure that employees feel valued. Ultimately, feeling more valued will increase the engagement of employees within the organisation, and will consequently improve workplace productivity.

        3/ Get the basics right

        If the right HR and payroll processes aren’t in place and aren’t working, it’s likely that employees will become frustrated and less and less engaged over time. If you want your employees to be reliable, your HR processes also need to be reliable.
        Ensuring that your HR and payroll are accessible to employees and that you are paying them accurately and on time is paramount in today’s fight for employee retention. Whether your HR and payroll processes are in-house or are outsourced to a provider, getting the basics right means that there’s an increased level of trust within the organisation.
        However, many don’t realise how much power payroll has in an organisation. For example, with an integrated international payroll system in place, organisations can use the gathered payroll data to make informed business decisions that will help the organisation to engage employees and retain and attract talent.
        Employees are the key ingredients when it comes to growing and expanding organisations. Without reliable and productive employees, the growth of the business will be limited and business leaders can expect to have an increased amount of churn.
        Great employee engagement doesn’t happen overnight, it’s something that employers and their HR teams need to invest in. By investing in employee happiness, there’s no doubt that the effort will be reciprocated and employees will become better engaged.

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