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How to choose the right core HR software

How to choose the right core HR software [Checklist]

An employer survey by SD Worx shows that digital HR is hot. More and more companies are setting up projects to get ahead of the digital transformation curve. Selecting a made-to-measure core HR management system (HRMS) is obviously a real gamechanger. But how do you choose the right HR software? This is how you separate contenders from pretenders.


10 Challenges of Multi-country HR

Expanding the reach of your business and taking your operations international is an exciting time for any organisation. But with new opportunities come new challenges – and HR is no exception to that rule. Businesses that are upscaling, and even businesses that already have global employees, need to evolve internal systems and processes to ensure HR practices suit multiple cultures, compliance requirements and regulations.


Digital transformation 2.0 in HR: it’s all about the EX factor

Towards people-first digital HR

Two results from our annual employer survey ‘The Future of People and Work’ immediately caught our eye. First, digital transformation is a much bigger HR priority for European companies than it was last year. Second, about a third of the 2,746 surveyed HR decision makers see employee experience (EX) as one of their top 5 challenges for the future. So, why not kill two birds with one stone?


Choosing the right HR solution post covid- with Mieke Guns

As we emerge from almost two years of lockdowns, travel bans, and working from home, the new normal looks a lot like the old one – only more so. In the HR arena, Covid has accelerated existing trends, putting growing pressure on HR leaders to support their companies’ business objectives.

By Mieke Guns2021-10-05
Gig economy

Is the gig economy coming for our jobs?

SD Worx payroll guru Simon Parsons on how you should interpret the rise of the gig economy as an employer or HR professional.


Getting it Right: Small and Mighty Payroll

There’s a common misconception that payroll offerings are only necessary when your organisation reaches a certain size. However, small companies should not overlook partnering with a payroll provider that fits their needs, especially when they’re looking to expand into new regions.


How to calculate, assess and control the TCO of your payroll

Optimising your payroll process is no luxury in times of economic turmoil. The first step: mapping out the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your payroll. This allows you to make good use of your resources, lend focused support to your team, streamline your operations and generate transparency in complex times.

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How HR analytics helps you work smarter

Already a key concern since the beginning of COVID-19, operational efficiency stays top of mind. A recent employer survey by SD Worx, showed that over half of European companies (55%) plan efficiency projects in 2021. Understandable, but don’t just concentrate on doing things right. Doing the right things is just as important. And HR analytics could well be the glue between efficiency and effectiveness. Check the opportunities in 3 HR domains.