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Flipping the funnel in recruitment

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Safeguarding long-term employabilitySafeguarding long-term employabilityEmployer branding
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How to become an employer of choice?With over 4 in 10 European employers struggling to attract talent, all pressure is on HR. Either you nail your employer brand and take the lead … or you don’t. Find it out how in our e-book

Flipping the funnel in recruitment

With so many companies struggling to fill their vacancies, one would expect them to scour all possible touchpoints with employees to become more attractive. However, this isn’t the case for the majority of European companies. ‘A major opportunity lost’, says Veerle Coffé, Marketing and Communications Director at SD Worx Staffing Solutions Belgium.

Debunking career development

Debunking career development conversations myths

When done right, career development conversations can be a powerful tool that boosts the overall employee experience. However, some misconceptions may prevent your organisation from harnessing the full power of this key driver. Below, we’ve untangled 6 common myths associated with career development sessions.

By Nazia Keenoo2022-08-03
Safeguarding long-term employability

Safeguarding long-term employability

Creating the right conditions for your staff to have long and happy careers has become more challenging than ever before. And digitalisation has made the future of some positions highly unpredictable. According to Jill Everaert, Manager SD Worx Academy at SD Worx Belgium, your best bet is to create an employee-driven learning culture, look for passion and talent in your team and foster it with a customised offering.

HR Fintech

When HR tech meets fintech: 5 exciting prospects

The challenges HR teams face have already been extensively documented. Attractive rewards, the war for talent and poor employee retention being just some of them. “There’s no panacea to these challenges”, says Nils De Bremaeker, CFO at WorxInvest. “But help is on the way from an unexpected angle: fintech can boost the added value of HR tech.”

By Nils De Bremaeker2022-07-20
Recognition - Well done

Bringing core values alive with rewards and recognition

Core values help your company define its identity and orient its people. However, these principles aren’t always easy to instil in others, so ensuring your workers understand and follow them can be tricky. Recognition of value-driven behaviour could well be the missing link. Here are some tips to get you started.

By Nazia Keenoo2022-07-18
corporate culture

Fostering an inspiring corporate culture

With start-ups popping up everywhere, new working methods and a war for talent, the need to stand out with an inspiring corporate culture has grown. Ashvin Pudaruth, Managing Director of SD Worx Mauritius, boils it down to a simple choice: ‘Either you make culture, including values and leadership, a strategic priority or you don’t; there is no middle way.’

Hybrid workforce

Stay connected to your hybrid workforce: 4 tips

About 1 in 3 hybrid employees feel disconnected from their corporate culture. Here are 4 ways to counter that feeling, from introducing collaboration tools to tackling proximity bias.

By Nazia Keenoo2022-07-06
fluidity of work

Embracing the fluidity of work

As hybrid workforces continue to become more prevalent, schedules, workplaces and even jobs are no longer fixed. ‘Our work today is highly fluid’, says Maurice Bisschop, General Manager at SD Worx Staffing & Career Solutions Netherlands. ‘There’s no point in resisting; your only option is to go with the flow.’


CSRD requires companies to report on equal and fair pay

The new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive requires large companies to report on equal and fair pay from 2023 onwards. Get the ins and outs.