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How to be smart about HR's biggest challenges

The main HR challenges for 2022 are all about valuing people. This is how you can make a meaningful impact on employees and restore their zest for work.


Top 10 HR challenges for 2022 (and how to face them)

(Re)connecting with people runs like a thread through the top 10 HR challenges for the future. We’ve asked 10 renowned SD Worx experts to each analyse a specific challenge and how to turn them into opportunities.

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How to outsource payroll, from SaaS to BPO

Payroll outsourcing exists in many shapes and forms: SaaS, payroll staffing, payroll optimisation and business process outsourcing. A brief overview.


Payroll outsourcing: 4 tips on which tasks to outsource

Contrary to what some think, payroll outsourcing is not a take-it-or-leave-it concept. You decide which tasks you’d rather lay in the hands of a third party and which ones you keep in-house. Therefore, every outsourcing project starts by determining the scope. To help you with that exercise, we’ve listed some pro tips.

Mandatory protection for whistleblowers

Mandatory protection for whistleblowers – be prepared on time

By December 17, 2021, Belgium will need to have implemented the European Whistleblower Directive. From then on, organisations and companies must have a workable internal reporting channel in place for whistleblowers who expose abuses. Belgium is still lagging behind, but we are already taking steps to move forward.

By Jan Vanthournout2021-11-17

Payroll outsourcing in the new normal: pros and cons

From SaaS to fully managed services, payroll outsourcing exists in many shapes and forms. But whichever formula you go for, handing over some or all of your payroll duties to a third party is a big call to make. Before you get into which payroll tasks to outsource, getting all the intel on possible pros and cons seems a logical first step.


Ride smarter, not harder

Towards people-first digital HR

Improving the employee experience, nailing operational efficiency and gaining digital maturity are all among the most important HR challenges for today and tomorrow. Well, there’s a way to hit all three objectives in one go: by building a people-first digital ecosystem for core HR. Download our first e-book in the series Ride Smarter, not harder to find out how to get started. 


Payroll in times of hybrid working: 3 new challenges

Hybrid work is hot. Companies realise that workplace (and worktime) flexibility has become an important differentiator in a tight labour market. Hybrid working, however, has a lot of implications for HR. For example, it greatly affects payroll delivery. We’ve summarised the key challenges (global) companies face on this front.

How to choose the right core HR software

How to choose the right core HR software [Checklist]

An employer survey by SD Worx shows that digital HR is hot. More and more companies are setting up projects to get ahead of the digital transformation curve. Selecting a made-to-measure core HR management system (HRMS) is obviously a real gamechanger. But how do you choose the right HR software? This is how you separate contenders from pretenders.