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Both physical and mental well-being in the workspace have become more and more complex over the years. A safe and sound organisation requires a combination of new and established measures. To help you revisit your strategy, we’ve listed our best-read publications on well-being below. Use them to your advantage.

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How to become an employer of choice

How to become an employer of choice

A whopping 42% of European employers struggle to find talent. And it’ll probably get worse before it gets better. Only employers of choice aren’t affected. But how do you become one? Well, we’ve compiled a list of 9 ways to increase your appeal. SD Worx experts guide you through them, while sharing insights, remarkable figures, tips, and much more.

Worklife balance

Time tracking as a tool for a healthy work-life balance

Flexible working schedules challenge employees to keep track of their worktime. Time registration can help to maintain or restore a healthy work-life balance.

By Peter s’Jonghers2022-05-11

5 tactics to help direct managers boost employee resilience

Boosting your employees’ resilience is key to handling stress and changes in the workplace. Here’s how direct managers can help build a resilient team.


SD Worx 75: the full story

Throughout the entire anniversary year of 2020, SD Worx invited 4,600 employees and 68,000 customers worldwide to collect 'sparks' through remarkable collaborations, heart-warming initiatives and great stories for charity. If we managed to collect 75,000 sparks, SD Worx would donate €150,000 spread across 75 charities.

By Cathy Janssens2021-01-25

Guidelines for HR Professionals in 2021

Over the past year, HR too has had to deal with our modern version of the Big Bang. We all adopted a ‘new normal’, to use a trendy term. Hopefully 2021 will be better. Thanks to the vaccine - fingers crossed - we shall soon be getting back to our social lives and be able to meet our colleagues and customers in person again more often. The after-effects of the coronavirus will continue affecting HR developments in the year to come, however. We hereby present the most important insights and trends for the new year.


Total talent management: preparing for constant change

What will 2021 bring? After such a turbulent year, it would be audacious to start making big statements. But one thing seems to be a given: ‘the old normal’ is not coming back.


Remote working challenges – and how to overcome them

As the adage goes, “the clever learn from their mistakes, but the truly wise learn from the mistakes of others”. With remote working here to stay in a post COVID-19 world, offering great experiences to remote workers is the key to high engagement, effortless collaboration and – in the end – higher performance. Familiarise yourself with the fails and learn how to win with remote working.

SD Worx collects sparks for charity and to combat coronavirus

SD Worx collects sparks for charity and to combat coronavirus

SD Worx is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Even in these challenging times in which the world is gripped by coronavirus, SD Worx does not want to let this occasion pass unnoticed. We have therefore collaborated with The Oval Office on an internal and external communications campaign to donate a total of EUR 150,000 to 75 different charities, nominated and chosen by SD Worx employees. Initiatives to help beat coronavirus receive special attention.

How to get the most out of a Workforce Management System Empower Your Workforce (part 3)

Remote working is here to stay, so make it a win-win

The COVID-19 lockdown forced international companies to switch gears overnight: remote working was suddenly the norm. In most cases, the transition happened smoother than expected and significant benefits have now become apparent.