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3 insights your HR data should tell you

Human Resources is a data driven industry. With so much company and employee information available, the challenge for many HR professionals is how to utilise it most effectively. No organisation can survive without data, and its importance within the overall business strategy only continues to grow as we enter a new decade.


GDPR: Ensuring your HR and Payroll Business Partners are Compliant

With the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) next month, if an organisation is working with HR and payroll vendors, it will be their responsibility to ensure that these business partners are GDPR compliant. Any external organisation that handles the data of employees or customers must be compliant, otherwise the organisation is also at risk of breaking GDPR regulations.


Accelerate Your HR Brexit Planning

The clock is still ticking on the UK’s exit from the European Union and we’re still in the dark about the terms of its departure or what impact Brexit will have on employment both in the UK and the 27 remaining EU member states. With or without a deal and faced with this level of uncertainty, HR and payroll teams need to stay up to date with their HR Brexit planning and be ready for all scenarios.


3 ways HR can improve employee engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic in the industry today, with organisations looking to maximise the potential of their workforce in the digital age. However, a recent Harvard Business report revealed that although 71% ‘rank employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organisational success’, only 24% of respondents say their employees are ‘highly engaged’.


SD Worx European Conference 2018: Top Five Lessons on Implementing GDPR

In February, SD Worx hosted its European Conference 2018 at Hilton on Park Lane, London, with over 800 attendees and 30 expert speakers. One of the sessions, titled ‘How to be internationally compliant in a digital world’, was hosted by Gert Beeckmans, chief risk and security officer SD Worx, and Frank Rudolf, director of payroll at PAREXEL. Here are their top five lessons on implementing GDPR:


3 benefits of predictive analytics in payroll

Running global payroll for an organisation operating in multiple countries can, at times, become somewhat overwhelming. With various rules and regulations to comply with and huge data sets to handle, many payroll professionals would welcome a helping hand.