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Learning & Development

The shelf life of skills and competencies has never been so short. For your organisation to remain on top of its game, all employees should have personalised career paths. It’s the only way to obtain sustainable employability and – frankly – to grow as a business. Start building a true learning culture by browsing our content.

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How HR analytics helps you work smarter

Already a key concern since the beginning of COVID-19, operational efficiency stays top of mind. A recent employer survey by SD Worx, showed that over half of European companies (55%) plan efficiency projects in 2021. Understandable, but don’t just concentrate on doing things right. Doing the right things is just as important. And HR analytics could well be the glue between efficiency and effectiveness. Check the opportunities in 3 HR domains.


It’s now or never: transforming HR into a strategic partner

Over the last decade, we have been witnessing a shift in HR – and the current pandemic crisis is accelerating the trends. With issues and topics more polarising with every passing day, it is HR professionals that will be in the spotlight – now more than ever. Grasp this opportunity to embrace HR’s role as strategic partner and play an essential part in becoming an organisation of the future

HR In Today’s Fluid Environment_ More Like Poker Than Chess

HR In Today’s Fluid Environment: More Like Poker Than Chess

According to Professor Joe Perfetti from the University of Maryland, “The keyword for the 20th century was ‘speed’; the keyword for the 21st century is ‘agility’. And then COVID emerged to shake the business world up beyond our wildest imaginings. What does that does that mean for companies – and their HR teams?


3 HR and Management Resolutions for 2020

From being healthier to digital detoxes, many of us adopt resolutions at the start of the new year. However, it’s not only personal resolutions that should be set in January each year - professional goals should not be overlooked either. Employees might focus on their work/life balance or wellbeing, or might embark on various training sessions to improve their skills.

Don’t miss out on INSIGHTFUL SPEAKER SESSIONS (and Belgian beer)

Don’t miss out on INSIGHTFUL SPEAKER SESSIONS (and Belgian beer)

In addition to the launch of Global People Services, we’ll also be running two sessions of our own at this year’s conference – and trust us, they’re too good to miss!


6 Ways to Enhance The Potential of Your HR Data

The data accessible to HR and payroll professionals has the potential to inform areas of the business beyond its basic necessities. There are several types of reports that can help your organisation work more efficiently, each with its specific purpose. When utilised to its maximum potential, HR & payroll data can provide useful insights such as opening up a detailed understanding of the organisation’s workforce.


3 New Year’s resolutions for HR and payroll teams in 2019

With the festivities over and the new year well underway, as we return to work, many may have already given up on their new year’s resolutions for 2019. However, when it comes to new year resolutions in the HR and payroll industry, there are many resolutions that HR and payroll teams should commit to which will ensure that their payroll is powerful and running efficiently throughout the year.


Are you ready for the future of HR?

The HR and payroll industry never stands still and is moving at a faster pace than ever. With frequent updates to legislation, increasingly global operations and swiftly developing new technologies, the future of HR is set to look completely different to the industry of today.